This professional has a diverse background in the arts, construction, and property development. With experience as an Executive Director, President, Owner, and Sole-proprietor, they have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for supporting creatives and artisans. They have a Master’s degree in Metal Fabrication and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine and Studio Arts, as well as technical training in metalwork and welding. They have a strong network in the local community and are known for their project management skills, custom metal fabrication, and art installations. They are interested in job titles such as Executive Director, Entrepreneur, Artist, Educator, and Property Manager in industries such as metal fabrication, foundry, nonprofits, and the arts. This professional is a skilled leader and problem-solver with experience in sales, customer service, and project management. They have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and a technical degree in metalwork and fabrication. They have a strong background in customer care and have held positions such as Retail Account Manager, eCommerce Manager, and B2B Sales Manager. They are also known for their work as a Firefighter and their involvement in various community organizations and events. They are interested in job titles such as Sales Manager, Customer Care Specialist, and Project Manager in industries such as retail, eCommerce, and fire services.

Your preferred locations are Bloomington, IN – Remote